Capítulo 14. Migrating


Migrar do Windows

Migrar do Windows

A quick Windows-Xubuntu dictionary

Windows Xubuntu
Adicionar/Remover Programas Software
Painel de Controle Settings Manager for personal preferences
System (menu) for additional configuration
Explorador do Windows AccessoriesFile Manager
Os Meus Documentos /home/username/

Aplicações Windows no Linux

It is possible to run Windows applications under Xubuntu. Three popular choices are:

  • Wine (wine), the Windows emulator. Wine allows running Windows applications without having to install a Windows operating system. Refer to the Wine AppDB to find out which applications will run on Wine and the Wine documentation for FAQ's and user support.

  • PlayOnLinux is an easy to use frontend for Wine, which makes it easy to install popular Windows applications.

  • VirtualBox, virtualização de software. Pode instalar um sistema operativo Windows, juntamente com qualquer aplicação numa máquina virtual gerida pelo VirtualBox. Para ler mais sobre o VirtualBox e virtualização, consulte o site Documentação do utilizador final VirtualBox.


Quer o Wine quer o VirtualBox estão disponíveis nos repositórios de software.

Redes Windows no Linux

O acesso a partilhas de rede Windows no Xubuntu pode ser feito facilmente usando:

  • AccessoriesFile Manager, where you can browse publicly visible shares by clicking on the Network item in the sidebar. Alternatively, you can browse a remote file system by going to GoOpen Location... and entering smb://computername/sharename.

  • SystemGigolo, which allows you to save bookmarks and manage remote file systems. To connect, click the first toolbar button. Select Windows Share from Service Type, then enter the remote share's details.

If some options are not available or do not work, ensure that the gvfs-backends is installed.